What are some science and math resources my child can review from home?
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What are some science and math resources my child can review from home?




  • Age Range: Elementary - High School 

  • Learn how to create and design 3D models, program and assemble electronics, and use code blocks to design.

Pacific Science Center: Curiosity at Home

  • Age Range: All Ages

  • Ignite your curiosity at home with streaming live science shows, hands-on STEM activities, tutorials, interviews, and more.

Mystery Science

  • Age Range: Elementary

  • These digital and hands-on lessons are designed to engage students. Activities are designed to use supplies families frequently have at home.

​PowerKnowledge (Library Card Required)

  • Age Range: Elementary - Middle School

  • Play games, find project ideas, and have fun learning about ecosystems, food chains, gravity, maps, animals and more. Find some fun hands-on activities in the Science Fair and Experiments section.

Science Online (Library Card Required)

  • Age Range: High School

  • Look for experiments, images, videos, and articles on recent events and discoveries in a range of science areas. Make sure to take a look at the eLearning Modules, which have detailed information, lesson plans, diagrams, and more.



  • Age Range: PreSchool - Elementary

  • Read books and take quizzes to learn math skills for grades K-6. Topics range from counting to multiplication, geometry to finance, division to graphing

Math Card Games

  • Age Range: Elementary - High School

  • 16 simple math games that can be played with just one deck of cards. So much fun, kids won’t even realize they’re learning.

Which One Doesn’t Belong

  • Age Range: Elementary - Middle School

  • Enjoy thought-provoking math puzzles! There are no answers provided as there are many different, correct ways of choosing which one doesn't belong.


YouCubed Math

  • Age Range: Elementary - High School

  • Rich math tasks for all grade levels that are fun, engaging, and promote problem solving.

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Last Updated: Apr 14, 2020     Views: 208

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