Printouts by Pickup or Mail

FVRLibraries will print black-and-white documents for patrons who do not have another way to print. We take your privacy seriously and will delete any digital copies of your documents after they are printed. For large, commercial, or color printing needs, please seek a professional printer. You are responsible for following the copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code). The library may be unable to assist when a request appears to conflict with the law.

Getting your printout

If you select mail delivery, we will process your request and send it out via U.S. Mail within three business days.

If you select a pickup location, please stop by the branch you choose during the hours of 10-12 or 2-5 Monday-Saturday and follow the instructions on the curbside pickup sign to let us know that you've arrived to get a print request. If you happen to arrive before we've processed your request, you may have to wait for your print.

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