Do you offer any cultural passes?
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Do you offer any cultural passes?

Yes, we do! FVRL offers Experience Passes: free passes to local attractions, reserved using your FVRL Everything card number and PIN. (Patrons with eCards, Reciprocal cards, or Educator cards are not eligible.) The program is sponsored by Fort Vancouver Regional Library Foundation.  

How do I get a pass (detailed version)?

  1. Sign in here with your library card number (all 14 digits, no spaces) and library PIN.
  2. You'll see a list of all attractions available to you. Select an attraction and click "Show first available offer."
  3. To reserve a pass for the date shown, click the green "Reserve" button. If you want a pass for a different day, select "Reserve different date."
  4. Pick the date you want, and review the information that comes up so you know it's correct. If so, select "Continue." If not, select "Cancel."
  5. You now have a reservation! You may either print your pass now or print it later. (Once you print your pass, you won't be able to cancel your reservation, so if you're unsure, you may want to wait.) 
  6. Close the "My Reservations" section and log out. You can always log back in and see your reservations or print your pass.
  7. When you make a reservation, you'll immediately receive an email confirming your reservation. You'll also receive a reminder email three days before the reservation date.

Will you be getting more attractions?

Yes, we hope to have more attractions in the future.  

Why can't I see all of the attractions when I sign in?

When you sign in to the Experience Pass site, you are able to see whichever passes/attractions are available to you at the moment.  If you have already reserved a pass for an attraction, you'll find it listed in the My Reservations tab rather than in the main list of All Attractions. Currently each attraction is offering one pass per cardholder per year.

Last Updated: Dec 08, 2018     Views: 264

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