I accidentally chose Kindle (or EPUB) format. Can I change it?
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I accidentally chose Kindle (or EPUB) format. Can I change it?

Once a format has been selected, it can't be changed without first returning the title and checking it back out.  You can certainly do that at any time by signing in to OverDrive, navigating to your Loans shelf and choosing the "return now" option underneath the cover of the book. 

However, there are ways to get around the format problem:


Option A: Go format-free

  • Try the Libby app.  Do you have an Android device running version 4.4 or higher; an iOS device running version 9 or higher; or a Windows 10 computer, tablet, or smartphone?  If so, your device supports Libby, which can display OverDrive eBooks regardless of format selected.
    • Search the App Store for "Libby by OverDrive," install the app, and follow the setup instructions. 
    • On the home screen, look just above the red "New Additions" stripe for "Add your library card," tap it, and type in your card number and PIN. 
    • You'll return to the Home screen.  Look at the very bottom for "Shelf" and tap.  Your book should be there, ready to read! 


  • Use OverDrive Read.  Format doesn't matter with OverDrive Read, because it doesn't rely on downloading; instead, you read the book in a browser window.
    • Open a browser window or tab and go to www.fvrl.org/resources/ebooks to get to OverDrive
    • From the FVRL OverDrive home page, sign in and go to your Loans page. 
    • Next to your book, you'll see an option to "Read now in your browser."  Click that to start reading! 
    • On most devices you can also choose "Offline Access" from the OverDrive Read menu, then "Start Download" to download a copy for reading without (maintaining) an internet connection.  Be sure to bookmark the eBook in your browser or save the book's URL so you can access it in your browser once you're offline.


Option B: Try a new app

If you wanted Kindle but picked EPUB:

  • Get the OverDrive app for your device. Unless you have a Kindle eReader or early Kindle Fire tablet, you aren't limited to Kindle format.  Most devices with newer operating systems can download the OverDrive app, which uses EPUB format.
  • Install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer. This option is not for mobile devices or Windows 10—it's an alternative to the OverDrive Desktop app that allows you to read on computers and laptops. 

If you wanted EPUB but picked Kindle:

  • Get the Kindle app for your device.  Amazon offers its Kindle app for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, and if your device supports it, you can use it to read an OverDrive eBook in Kindle format. 
  • To solve the problem for future checkouts, make sure the "Kindle preference box" in your OverDrive settings is unchecked. And if you've been using the OverDrive app, tap the main menu in the upper left corner, tap "Settings," and make sure "Read in Kindle" is turned off.


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Last Updated: Jan 15, 2020     Views: 2385

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