How will I be notified?
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How will I be notified?

Unless they have holds, we will automatically renew your checkouts on the due date, and send you a notification with the new due date.  Notification options are: email, phone, text or mail.  If you wish, you can receive both email and text notification.

The borrowing period and number of automatic renewals depends on the type of card you use, and in some cases, the item type:

  • Resident and reciprocal cards:
    • You can borrow a book for 3 weeks. 5 automatic renewals.
  • Bookmobile and Books-By-Mail:
    • You can borrow a book for 28 days. 4 automatic renewals.
  • Educator Cards:
    • You can borrow a book for 42 days. 2 automatic renewals.
  • Book discussion kits:
    • You can check out two kits at a time.
    • You can borrow a kit for 12 weeks, with no renewals.  If you still need the kit, bring it to the desk at your local library.  If there are no holds, the staff can check the kit in and back out to you.
  • Lucky Day
    • You can borrow a Lucky Day item for 3 weeks, with no renewals.  Holds are not permitted on Lucky Day items.  If you still want the book, bring it to your local library and ask the staff to check it in and back out to you.


Notification types:

  • Reminders: If you normally receive notices by email or text, we will send you an email reminder 3 days before an item is due, and a text 1 day before an item is due.
  • Item has holds: Overdue notices are sent via email; your account must be set up for email notification to receive them. We will send a first notice when an item is one week overdue, and a final notice when an item is two weeks overdue.
    • As a courtesy, if you normally receive text message notices, we will send you a text alert the day after the item is due. 
  • Billing: if an item is four weeks overdue, our system will automatically switch the item status from overdue to LOST, and add a bill to your account.  Returning the book in good condition will cancel the charge.
    • Please note: you will receive either an email or a paper notice for items more than a month overdue, alerting you that the bill may be sent to a collection agency.


Would you like to change your notification method?  Has your email, phone number, address or name changed?  Find out how to update your account here.  



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Last Updated: Oct 09, 2018     Views: 110

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