Why is my card not working/my account blocked, and how can I renew my account?
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Why is my card not working/my account blocked, and how can I renew my account?

Here are some common account issues and solutions:

  • Your card is expired.
    • Everything cards and eCards need to be renewed every two years. Here are ways to renew:
      • Visit an FVRL library with photo ID.
      • Send us a message, or call 360-906-5000 (or 888-546-2707 from area code 509, or 800-921-6211 from Yale Valley) with this information:
        • Your card number
        • Your PIN or date of birth
        • Your current address
        • Your current phone number or email address, if you have them.
    • Educator cards must be renewed every year.

  • You are trying to use a lost or deleted library card.

  • You pay a fee every 3 months or yearly for library access, and it is time to renew your account. There are several payment options.
    • 3 months, per person - $11
    • 1 year, per person - $44
    • 3 months, per household - $28.75
    • 1 year, per household - $115

  • You’re using an old card that was re-entered into our system.
    • If you got a library account by reinstating an old card (maybe you had an account in the past, but you didn’t use it for a few years and your record was deleted, but then you found the card and wanted to use the same number when you got a new account), sometimes you might get an error message when you try to log in to the catalog. Please contact library staff, who will contact our Collection and Technology Services Division to fix the problem.

  • You owe the library $25 or more for damaged or lost items.
    • You’ll need to get your bill below $25, or all the way down to $0 if you’ve been sent to collections.
    • You can sign in to your account to view charges.
    • There are several payment options.

  • You have an overdue or missing interlibrary loan item.
    • If your interlibrary loan item is overdue, your interlibrary loan privilege is suspended. To restore your privilege, you’ll need to return the item.
    • If an interlibrary loan item is billed for being lost or damaged, all borrowing privileges at FVRL will be suspended until the item has been paid for.
    • Click for a complete list of interlibrary loan privileges and policies.

  • You have reached your checkout or hold limit.

Click to read our Library Privileges Policy.

Need more help?  Please contact us!


Last Updated: Jun 17, 2019     Views: 1189

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