How do I get RBdigital audiobooks?
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How do I get RBdigital audiobooks?

RBdigital provides both a digital audiobook collection and magazine collection. You can listen and read on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices with the RBdigital mobile app, or listen on a laptop or computer with the RBdigital Media Manager. Below is a quick-start guide, but we suggest you also take a look at the RBdigital FAQ page.


Get set up:

Go to our RBdigital website, look in the upper right corner for "Register" and click to create an account.  

  • Your password must be at least four digits long.  
  • If you wish, you can use your library card number as your username, and your four-digit library PIN as your password. 


For devices that can download apps:

Search for "RBdigital" (no spaces, no quotes) in the Kindle Store, Apple App Store or Google Play. Install the app and follow setup instructions. You must first create an account on our RBdigital website in order to sign in to the app.

Search for a book:

  • Tap the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the screen, and choose "audiobooks." Use the drop-down to the left of the search box to search by keyword, author, title or subject.  
  • Use Advanced search to select specific categories, look for books for a particular age group, or limit your results to only books that are currently available for checkout.

Place a hold:

  • If the book you want to borrow is already checked out to someone else, just look beneath the picture of the cover for "hold" and tap to be added to the waiting list.  
  • If you aren't sure whether you want the book, tap the cover to see details. You'll also find a "hold" button in the book details.

Find your checkouts and holds:

  • Look in the upper left corner of the screen for three horizontal bars and tap. Tap "checked out" to view your checkouts shelf. Look beneath the book covers for "download" and tap.  
    • Books will only download over wifi.
    • You can play a book while it is downloading.
    • If you play a book without downloading it, RBdigital will stream playback.
  • Tap "holds" to view your holds shelf. At the top right corner of each book cover, you'll find an X - tap that to cancel a hold.


For MP3 players, computers and laptops:

You'll need the RBdigital Media Manager. You can download it on our website herescroll down the page until you see "RBdigital" and click on either the Windows or the Mac icon.  You will need the media manager in order to download and transfer content to an MP3 player.

Search for and check out a book in the Media Manager:

  • Click the RBdigital desktop icon to open the media manager.
  • Look in the upper right corner of the media manager for a black box with a magnifying glass. Click on "browse for a title online", and the media manager will take you to the RBdigital audio collection to browse, place holds, and check out audiobooks.

Listen to a book on an MP3 player:

  • Connect the player to the computer via USB, then open the media manager, find the cover of the book you want to hear and click "download and transfer."

Listen on a computer or laptop:

  • Once you sign in to the media manager, RBdigital will automatically sync with your account and display your checked out books.  
  • Click "play" to start playback. The media manager will automatically download the book while you listen.


Return a book early:

  • Find the book cover on your checkouts shelf. At the top right corner will be an X - tap that to return the book. You can also tap the book cover to view book details, look under the book cover for "return" and tap.


Questions?  Please contact us!


Last Updated: Nov 01, 2018     Views: 652

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