What is the FVRL Educator Card?
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What is the FVRL Educator Card?

The Educator Card provides teachers with a special card to borrow physical materials for classroom use or curriculum support. It allows higher checkout and hold limits and longer checkout periods.

Who can get one?
Teachers at a daycare, a public or private K-12 school, or a homeschool who live or work within the FVRL district.
How do I sign up?
Apply at any staffed FVRL library. Bring current photo ID and proof that you are an educator.
What kind of proof do you need?
We need proof of employment (such as a staff ID) from a daycare or a K-12 public or private school, or a Declaration of Intent as a homeschool provider. (Homeschool parents of children younger than eight don't need a Declaration of Intent—you can just tell us you're homeschooling.)
What can I do with it?
Does it expire?
Yes, in one year, but you can renew it if you present proof of educator status again.
What else should I be aware of?
  • If you have a personal library card and an Educator Card, you need to keep both in good standing or you could lose borrowing privileges of both.
  • The Educator Card is intended for education-related items only. Personal use may result in loss of privileges.

For more information, read the Educator Card flyer or print out an application, or go to our Library Cards web page.

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Last Updated: Jun 14, 2019     Views: 118

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