Is there an app for wireless printing? How do I get it and set it up?
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Is there an app for wireless printing? How do I get it and set it up?


A company called "Printer On" offers a mobile app designed to make it quick and easy to send print jobs over a wireless connection.  The app can be downloaded from the App Store on most Android and iOS devices.

Below are instructions to set up the app.  You can find instructions for printing from the app here.   






Find the Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries print system

Open the app and wait until it displays the main menu, which is divided into four parts: Documents; Email; Photos; and Web.


At the bottom of the main menu you'll see "No printer selected"; tap on it to get to the "Select Printer" search screen.  


Look at the bottom of the screen for a little image of a map, and the word "Location."  Tap location, and you will get a message asking you whether is is okay for Printer On to use your location.  Tap "Accept."


Printer On will show you a map of the area, with little red circles indicating the locations of public printers.  Look in the upper right corner of the map for a square with four lines inside, and tap the square.


You'll get a list of locations.  Near the top there will be two Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries listed.  Tapping on either will link the app to our remote printing system, and give you the option to print in black and white and in color.





Add your card number and PIN to the app:

[Note: it is not necessary to use your card and PIN to send a print job, but you must do so in order to use your $.30 print credit.]

Start at the main app menu.  Find "settings" at the bottom of the screen and tap.


Tap "Account," and the app will take you to a screen that allows you to enter your card number and PIN.  Tap the plus sign at the bottom of the screen to tell the app you want to add a card number. 


At the top of the screen, tap "Account" again and enter your card number.  Then tap "Password" and enter your PIN. 


(If you don't want your library card number to be visible in the User Accounts screen, tap "Description" and type something in it, such as your name, or a phrase that is easy to remember.  From then on, the app will display whatever you put in the description rather than your card number.)


Look in the top right corner for a checkmark and tap it to save the information.  This will also make your library card the default, so the app will assume you are using that account to send a print job unless you manually select a different card number.  Tap the letter X at the top of the screen to exit Settings and return to the main app menu.  





Add your email address to the app:

Start on the main app menu and tap the "email" icon.  You will be sent to the email address screen.


Tap the plus sign at the bottom of the screen to tell the app that you want to add an email address.  The app will ask you to choose an email provider, but if you don't see your email host on the list, just tap "other."


You will get a pop-up message asking whether the app can use your email provider to sign in.  Accept, and you will be offered the option to sign in with a specific email account.  


The app will ask permission to access your Google account, so it can open your email inbox automatically when you want to send something in an email to our print system.  If you would like to use the app this way, tap "Allow."


The app will display that email address on a separate screen with a checkmark in the upper right corner.  Tap the checkmark to save the email address.  


To delete an email address, tap the Email icon.  In the upper right corner of the email screen will be an image of a pencil; tap it to delete the saved email. 




Need additional assistance?  Please contact us!



Last Updated: Jul 30, 2018     Views: 7

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