Libby won't let me sign in, place holds or download.
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Libby won't let me sign in, place holds or download.

Sorry about that!  The Libby app is still pretty new, and OverDrive is using customer feedback to improve it.  

If you are getting error messages that say there is something wrong with your library card, but signing in again probably won't help, don't worry.  It just means the app on your device can't properly communicate with OverDrive's server.  That's something you can fix in a few steps.


Here's what you do:

(You'll need an OverDrive account email and password.  Don't have an account?  You can sign up here.  Just fill in the boxes under "Enter Your Details," and don't forget to verify the account.)

  • ​Open the Libby app, and look on the OverDrive home screen for the three bars in the upper right corner.  Tap to open the app menu.
  • Tap on "Library Cards."  You'll see a picture of a library card; tap on it to flip it, then look in the lower left corner for "unlink card."  Tap it, then verify you want to unlink the card.
  • Tap "done" to return to the home screen, then tap the three bars to open the menu again.  
  • Look at the bottom of the menu for the word "Libby" and tap on it.
  • The "About This App" screen will appear.  Scroll to the bottom and tap "Reset Application."  When the app resets, go through the steps to find a library.
  • This will bring you back to the OverDrive home screen. Tap on "Add a card," but do not sign in with your card number and PIN.  Scroll down until you see "Sign in with OverDrive" and use your email and password to sign in.
  • Return to the OverDrive main screen and tap "Add your card" again.  This time, type in your library card number and PIN.


Get stuck?  Request tech help!


Last Updated: Aug 04, 2017     Views: 53

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